Date Night Thursdays!
Bring a sweetie, bring a friend, bring a bunch of friends! Enjoy a shared 3 course prix fixe menu!

If you are in the Encinitas area, check out our sister restaurant Solace & the Moonlight Lounge. With a blend of classic and modern American Cuisine to Coastal North County San Diego they feature dollar oysters and live music every Sunday night in the lounge!   

Please join us on Sundays for our famous Bluegrass Brunch!   We open the doors at 9:30 am.  Generally there is a bit of a crowd right when we open so come a bit early and put your name down to secure your spot.  Our waiting list that day moves pretty quick too!  The live Bluegrass bands play from 10 am to 2 pm and we feature some fun bands such as: Chris Clarke and Plow, Shirthouse Band, Gone Tomorrow, Virtual Strangers and Prairie Sky!
*next month there will be a change in the bluegrass lineup Virtual Strangers will be moving away and the Drought Tolerant Bluegrass Band will be taking their taking spot!

And of course we have really great cocktails every night

….and a cool picture of Ron Burgundy

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