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Event Director

Last Updated/Approved: 14/12/2012


The event director is the principal person in charge of organising and running a specific Frivolous event. Events include leagues, tournaments and social events.


The event director is directly responsible to the Frivolous committee and the event participants.

The event director should:

  • Promote the event
  • Coordinate the operation of the event
  • Be the main point of contact for all event participants
  • Collect any cash and cheque payments and deposit them in the Frivolous bank account
  • Provide a weekly update to the Frivolous committee
  • Provide a written report to the Frivolous committee within a fortnight of the event completion
  • Provide a financial report to the Frivolous treasurer within a fortnight of the event completion

Where applicable, the event director should also:

  • Create balanced teams
  • Develop game schedules
  • Keep custody of event equipment; including first-aid kit, cones and scoreboards
  • Collect and collate game and spirit scores
  • Provide weekly score updates for the Frivolous website
  • Coordinate event awards, prizes and presentations

Essential Criteria

  • Access to Internet facilities (ie. email and web browsing)
  • Access to word processing and spreadsheet programs.
  • Membership of FUI and the AFDA.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills.
  • Knowledge of current event specific rules and guidelines.
  • Knowledge of FUI, TUA, and AFDA policies that relate to events.

Desirable Criteria

Ideally the event director is someone who:

  • Has previous experience as a director of events or structured competition.
  • Is well organised and self-motivated.
  • Has familiarity with the FUI and AFDA registration systems.


Once the club has been established (ie. after the first year) some firm benefits to being a event director should be outlined.

Term of Appointment and Time Commitment Requirements

  • The event director is appointed by the Frivolous committee for a term that lasts until the event is completed and final reports written up
  • The estimated time commitment required as an event director is 5 hours per week.
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