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Beach League

The Frivolous Beach League is an annual league held at the beginning of each year. The league was first held in 2012 (Kingston Beach League) on the northern end of Kingston Beach (ie. the dog beach).


The primary goal of the Beach League is for it to be a social competition, with a focus on the following:

  1. encourage players to play with a variety of different people (instead of teams of the same people time and again)
  2. finish games at a “reasonable time”, allowing people to socialise afterwards
  3. provide an opportunity for Hobart based players to participate in beach ultimate


The Beach League is a standard round-robin competition with no finals. The competition winner the team the finishes on top of the ladder at the completion of the round-robin games.


The rules for Beach League are essentially the same as the standard WFDF rules, but played on a smaller field with fewer players (as outlined in The 2013 Appendix for 5-on-5 Beach Ultimate). The Beach League run by Frivolous also has one additional rule:

  • The player who last had possession of the disc is responsible for retrieving the disc if it comes to rest in a body of water.


  • 2012 Kingston Beach League (2 February - 8 March) - Hat League
  • 2013 Kingston Beach League (10 January - 14 February) - Cancelled
  • 2014 Kingston Beach League (30 January - 6 March) - Hat League
  • 2015 Kingston Beach League (29 January - 5 March) - Hat League
  • 2016 Kingston Beach League (28 January - 3 March) - King 'n' Queen League
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