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King 'n' Queen Tournament

Frivolous holds a “King 'n' Queen” style tournament in the last quarter of each year. The first tournament was held in 2012 (Kingborough Coronation) at the Lightword Park Oval, Kingston


The primary goal of the King 'n Queen Tournament tournament is to be a social competition, with a focus on the following:

  • provide an opportunity for players to play with and against as many different people as possible
  • having a player gender ratio as close to 4:3 as possible


The tournament consists of a number of rounds of games where new teams are randomly created for each round. At the conclusion of the rounds each player is given points based on the team result from each game they played in (win: 3, draw: 2, lose: 1). The male and female with the most points are crowned the King and Queen of the tournament, while the male and female with the least points are appointed the as the Court Jesters. Individual spirit scores are also tallied to determine the tournament Prince and Princess.

If players are level on wins/draws/loses and points difference after the round-robin matches, tie-breakers for ladder position are decided by the “closest to the brick mark” rule (WFDF Ultimate Rules 2009 - Appendix B: Rule B3.4.7).


  • 2012 Kingborough Coronation (24 November)
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