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Frivolous holds a “Savage7s” style tournament in the second quarter of each year. The first tournament was held in 2012 (Frivolous 7s) at the Kingston Beach Oval.


The primary goal of the Savage7s tournament is to be a competitive team based competition with a focus on the following:

  • encourage players to form and manage their own teams
  • having a player gender ratio as close to 4:3 as possible
  • provide an opportunity for Hobart based people to compete in a Savage7s tournament


The tournament consists of a full round-robin series of matches and a single final. The two teams at the top of the ladder at the conclusion of the round-robin games go through to the final to decide the competition winner.

If teams are level on wins/draws/loses and points difference after the round-robin matches, tie-breakers for ladder position are decided by the “closest to the brick mark” rule (WFDF Ultimate Rules 2009 - Appendix B: Rule B3.4.7).


  • 2012 Frivolous 7s (12 May)
  • 2013 Rickety 7s (11 May) - Cancelled
  • 2014 Frivolous 7s (10 May)
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