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Mailing Lists

The following mailing lists are available for use by the members of Frivolous:

[email protected]

  • (committee use only) – Private mailing list used by the committee to discuss issues between committee meetings that may not be relevant to wider membership.
  • matters to be discussed might include:
    • membership approvals
    • voting on proposals
    • proofing minutes
    • approving expenditure
    • general day-to-day house-keeping
  • in general the discussion of ideas and proposals should happen on 'theclub' mailing list so members can provide feedback.
  • Membership: committee members only

[email protected]

  • Low traffic announcement list (~1 email a month) used by the committee to keep members informed about upcoming Frivolous events and other important information related to the club.
  • the types of announcements on this list include:
    • upcoming Frivolous leagues, tournaments, and social events
    • opportunities to play on club teams in other local/interstate events
    • club newsletters
  • Membership: Frivolous members (automatically added when they join the club)
  • Archive: available here

[email protected]

  • General discussion list available for Frivolous members to use as they wish
  • discussions on the list could include:
    • reminders about Frivolous events
    • reports on Frivolous events and teams
    • members trying to organise teams or indicate their interest in playing on a club team
    • promoting personal fund-raising activities or social invitations.
    • pretty much anything and everything about Ultimate or that someone might think is relevant for other members
  • Membership: open to any Frivolous member - click here to sign up.
  • Archive: available here

[email protected]

  • Discussion list for members who are interested in the running of “The Club” and wish to suggest new ideas for the club, or provide feedback on proposals to the committee.
  • discussions on this list could include:
    • planning and organising new leagues, tournament, and events
    • suggesting ways to improve the club
    • providing feedback to event directors about their events
    • anything else related to the administration and running of the club
  • Membership: open to any Frivolous member - click here to sign up.
  • Archive: available here

If you are organising a Frivolous team or event and would like a mailing list set up to help with this, contact the committee so they can make the appropriate arrangements.

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